Squad & Truck Assist Talleyville (NCC 25)
By Firefighter Matt Hills Jr.
July 29, 2021

Thursday evening July 29th around 4:30pm the company was dispatched as part of a mutual aid assignment to assist Talleyville (NCC 25) with a commercial building fire located on State Line Road at the State Line Machine Inc. Talleyville units arrived with smoke showing and split laid their supply line from Husbands Drive and State Line Road.

Squad and Truck 66 both made the response. Squad 66 arrived as the second due engine and dropped 1300 feet of supply line from the hydrant at State Line Road & Route 202 to Husbands Drive to complete Talleyville’s split lay. Engine 13 (Claymont) as the third due engine handled the State Line Road & Route 202 hydrant assignment. Truck 66 handled the second due special tasks. Our volunteers were committed for two hours. Thank you to Upland Fire Co. (57) for covering the Bethel local while our crews were committed.