Building Fire in Bethel Township
By Firefighter Matt Hills Jr.
March 14, 2021

Sunday evening March 14th just before 5pm the company and mutual aid departments were dispatched to the Foxfield Villas Building 2000 for a building fire reported to be an odor of burning wires inside the building. Truck and Squad 66 both made the response. Truck 66 arrived and secured their own supply line. Squad 10 arrived as the second due engine and was prepared to charge Truck 66’s supply line if needed. Squad 66 arrived and took the hydrant at the 1000 building.

Crews confirmed an electrical burning odor with levels of carbon monoxide detected throughout the building. An issue was identified with an underground power line feeding the building and PECO was notified. The residents of building 2000 were evacuated. Crews checked the other Villas buildings with no burning odors or carbon monoxide levels detected. PECO arrived and secured the power. Crews ventilated the building and the incident was turned over to PECO. Bethel’s volunteers were committed on scene for 3 hours. Thank you to all of our responding mutual aid departments and the 1st and 11th District Fire Police for their assistance. Special thanks to Aston Township (17) for covering the Bethel local after being released from the scene.

Units: Bethel (66) & Medic 66 (Crozer EMS)
Mutual Aid: Upper Chichester (10), Claymont (NCC 13), Lower Chichester RIT (39), Aston Township (17), Concordville (59) & Chester Heights (71)