Squad & Truck Assist Talleyville (NCC 25)
By Firefighter Matt Hills Jr.
January 9, 2021

Friday January 8th around 7:15pm, the company was dispatched to the 2200 block of Poplar Street in the Foxfield community for a gasoline odor in the residence. Squad and Truck 66 both made the response. Crews located gasoline leaking from a vehicle in the garage, secured the leak, ventilated the residence and were available within 30 minutes. A crew staffed the station overnight and no calls for service were received.

Saturday January 9th around 2:15pm the company was dispatched to assist Concordville (59) with an inside propane leak located on Temple Road in Concord Township. As our crews were preparing to respond, the company received another emergency to assist Talleyville (NCC 25) with a house fire located on the 2100 block of Naamans Road. Squad 66 responded to Naamans Road and Truck 66 responded to Temple Road.

Squad 66 (S. Myers) arrived on Naamans Road as the first due engine with smoke showing from the roof of a two story single family dwelling, dropped their own 5 inch supply line from Foulk Road & Naamans Road and placed an 1 ¾ hose line in service on division 2 (second floor). Truck 66 (B. Small) arrived on scene of Temple Road and with Engine 59-2 quickly placing the Temple Road call under control Truck 66 redirected to Naamans Road. Truck 66’s crew assisted with overhaul. Bethel’s volunteers were committed for 2 hours. Thank you to Upland Fire Co. (57) for covering the Bethel local while our units were committed and assisting our members with restoring the apparatus. Photos are courtesy of Talleyville ActiveCrew.