Engine & Squad Assist Concordville (59)
By Assistant Chief Matt Hills Jr.
August 7, 2020

2:30am this morning the company was dispatched as part of a mutual aid assignment to assist Concordville Fire Co. (59) with a building fire located in the 500 block of Smithbridge Road in Concord Township.

Engine and Squad 66 both made the response. Engine 59 arrived as the first due engine with a fully involved garage. Engine 71 (Chester Heights) arrived as the second due engine and completed Engine 59’s water supply.

Engine 66 arrived as the third due engine and established a secondary water supply dropping 250 feet of 5 inch supply line from the hydrant at Smithbridge Road and Bethel Road.

Bethel’s volunteers worked on scene for approximately 2 ½ hours. Thank you to Parkside Fire Co. (45) for covering the Bethel local while crews were committed. Photos are courtesy of Kyle Prescott and Dave Smiley.

Units: Concordville (59)
Mutual Aid: Bethel (66), Chester Heights (71), Upper Chichester (10) & Media (23)