Update: Possible Child Luring
By Board of Director Ray Stiles
May 8, 2018

5/8/18 1500hrs Update-The Pennsylvania State Police Media Barracks updated that the suspected child luring that occurred on Friday evening in Chester Heights Borough has been investigated and determined to be unfounded

Information from the Pennsylvania State Police Media Barracks regarding two incidents of possible child luring. The information is as follows:

On Friday evening a supposed Amazon delivery man approached a 15 year old female at her residence on Willits Way, Chester Heights Borough. He was persistent in delivering a package despite the 15 year old not expecting a delivery. The male left and it was later confirmed that no package was scheduled for delivery.

On Monday morning a 5th grade student was waiting for his bus at the Glen Riddle apartments in Middletown Township when he was approached by a male in a van. The operator of the van asked the 5th grader if he wanted to drive it. The child declined and the operator left.

In both cases, a white van with red lettering on the side and a ladder rack with a dark skinned (possibly Hispanic) male operator was involved. The police ask that you call 911 if you observe a vehicle fitting this description engaging in suspicious activity such as loitering on school grounds, at a bus stop, etc.

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